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Cone Beam Catscans


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Computer Guided Dental Implants

Virtual Treatment Planning Software

  • CoDiagnostIX 3-D Scanner Software
    Treatment Plans Determining the need and placement of bone and tissue grafts becomes immediately apparent. Locating and avoiding critical facial nerves is now possible with great accuracy. Three dimensional views allow the doctor and patient to see and comprehend which implant devices are best suited for each implant site. Material provided through Dr. Paul Sussman, Rochester, New York

  • EasyGuide 3-D Treatment Planning Software
    Virtual Treatment Plans Demonstration of EasyGuide treatment planning software used with different types of imaging data generated by traditional CatScans and newer Cone Beam imaging equipment. Software products enable implant dentistry specialists and implantologists to locate best or most suitable areas of jawbone for implant placement. Video produced by Keystone Dental.

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